Un heated Blue Sapphire

As mentioned in my blog I have already cut the triangular rough Sapphire, I was hoping for a larger pieces but the result were two gems, 4.50cts rectangle cushion Kashmir blue un heated and a 2.25ct medium plus blue also un heated. Unfortunately I did not take picture when this gems was sawn and preformed to show you guys but never the less I will attach the finished pictures perhaps today…..

Working with rough gems are are quite intriguing and tricky, as you will never know the 100% out come until you have finished.

The other Sapphire rough need to be heated.
Theres another very interesting gem rough that I though would yield a Blue Sapphire but after sawing it, it might a yield a high quality Padparadcha of course after heating. So that was in deed a blessing in disguise. šŸ™‚ as the outer layer was blue and the centre was pink. Anyway you will see the picture soon…

I just have make time to take the picture to share with you.



Both the above pieces are un heated and was cut from the triangular
Gem rough.


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