Katharagama mine project





These are a few pictures from our mining site in Katharagama in the south of Sri Lanka.
I have attached pictures of rough gems from this locality in my previous blog posts.

We have gone 40ft below road level and some mining shafts have gone deep as about 60-70ft…
The weather in this locality is quite hot, and the air is very dry, less humidity. This makes it harder to work. We had trouble with the drought….. And then excessive rain…..
Which we have had to endure in the past few months.

The Sapphires that are mined in this locality of the country are usually in crystal like form,
Hexagonal elongated or shards of Brocken off from the main crystal. Good un heated Sapphires
As well over matured un usable crystal…. Which I have added to our rough gemstone collection 🙂

More pictures of the mines will added to my blog once I have some free time.


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