Gem mining period extension: meeting at NGJA


There is a meeting to be held at the National Gem and Jewellery Authority today morning to discuss
The extension of mining rights period at Katharagama, Sri Lanka. NGJA is the government body that auctioned plots of land at a premium price of US$ 2.2mn plus taxes to miners for a period of one year. Further articles relating to the katharagama mining project are on my previous blogs.
Many miners including our company will be requesting an extension to complete the mining.

The outcome of the meeting will be posted on my blog as I will be attending.

27th Feb 2013

Attended NGJA meeting pertaining to extension, no final decision was taken as the other miners
Were all not on the same page. NGJA gave their full co operation including the Chairman.
The majority of miners were unwilling to pay any money to get the mining rights extended as they had already invested a substantial sum already.
I was told the total sum excluding taxes was Rs.280 million ie us$ 2.2mn the highest paid for gem mining rights for a period of 1 year in Sri Lanka.

Will keep my blog updated on what takes place next.


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