Red Diamonds


MAY 22, 2013
These three fancy red diamonds are the highlights of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, Rio Tinto’s annual sale of natural pink, blue and red colored diamonds from its mine in Australia. The middle stone is a 1.56-carater named the “Argyle Phoenix.”

Perth, Australia–For the first time in the 30-year history of Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine, the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender will include three diamonds graded as fancy red.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Manager Josephine Johnson said only a total of six diamonds certified as fancy red by the Gemological Institute of America have been presented for sale at the annual tender since 1983, when mining began at Argyle. “To have three of these rare red diamonds in one tender is a very special moment in time,” she said.

There are a total of six “hero” stones in this year’s collection, stones that are selected and named because they are particularly beautiful.

There is the 1.56-carat round fancy red diamond dubbed the “Argyle Phoenix,” a nod to the newly commissioned underground portion of the Argyle Diamond Mine, which opened earlier this month.

In addition, the sale includes a diamond that is greater than 3 carats in size for the first time in eight years. The 3.02-carat radiant-cut, fancy intense orangey-pink diamond is called the “Argyle Imperial.”

Another unusual diamond is the 0.71-carat blue heart-shaped diamond, the “Argyle Celestial.” Rio Tinto said it anticipates the Celestial will be sold with a matching heart-shaped fancy pink diamond.

All told, the 2013 Pink Diamonds Tender is comprised of a total of 64 diamonds. There are 58 pinks, the three fancy reds and three blues. Rio Tinto craftsmen cut and polished all the diamonds in Western Australia.

The diamonds are debuting at a world exclusive preview in Sydney. Tender viewings will take place in Perth and Hong Kong, with previews in Sydney, New York and Tokyo. Bids close on Oct. 8.


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