Help and assistance needed

Dear friend please check out the following video and decide for your self…
Narration is in Tamil language, I’m not that great with Tamil but this is what it says.
The man has two daughters who from birth have a genetic skin disorder and there doesn’t seem to be a cure only meds to keep it under control.
They are a very poor family from a remote area of Sri Lanka.

We guys would spend petty amounts on shoes, belts, party shirts that we even Seldom wear.
And girls spend on shoes, lipstick, dresses just for the one occasion and is shelved.
Can’t we sacrifice just one of our shoes, or a mere lipstick and be charitable towards this family?
Because a mere small amount will go a long way with their meds.

I personally have got in touch with this father and made a small contribution and will pass the message to my family and friends.

Dear friends just think what one belt or one lipstick could do for this family.

Please watch the video just 12 min of your valuable time.
God promises 100 folds of what you give as charity in the hear after!
God bless!

Make your contributions direct to the father and not the organization as I have not researched about the organization yet.
Also see the Facebook page, that’s where I got the details and got in touch

Contact details

S.L.M. Munawwar – father of the two girls
F 119/1, Panapurawatha,
Sri lanka
Phone – 0094 77 91 77 33 9
Email –

A/C Name – S.L.M.Munawwar
Bank – Commercial bank
Branch – Mawanella
A/C No – 8790020192
Swift code – CCEYLKLXXXX


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