Sapphire mining in Sri Lanka


These are a few Blue Sapphire crystals mined in the Katharagama locality in Sri Lanka. You can see that the crystals are in crystal like form which is common for gems from this locality. The gems usually can be cut and no heating is required, which makes these gems quite rare.

Let’s see the top right of the picture, this rough has been sawn into three pieces of which two can be cut and the other will be kept in crystal form for our rough gem collection


Side view after being sawn carefully


This picture shows the hollow crevice formed naturally in the crystal


This picture is of the top part which mentioned above will be kept for our collection, you can see the blue as if it were painted on and the bottom all white transparent with cracks. No gem material here. But makes a lovely rough specimen.


This Sapphire crystal was sawn into two and was cut to obtain 2 fine un heated Blue Sapphires


Blue Sapphire 2.48cts un heated Royal Blue very clean


This piece slightly included but fine Royal Blue 4.03cts
Both pieces were sold within a week….


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