Say no to Racism


It all began on a usual busy week day in Aluthgama, Beruwella….
Two vehicles collide, voices are raised. Next moment it turns into a fist fight.
The two should have been arrested, and it should have ended.

But unfortunately not. One of the two brings a gang to the dispute and it becomes a brawl.
Next, a radical Budhist group – Budhu bala sena (Budhist strong force) or BBS holds a meeting and protest rally in the peaceful town of Aluthgama. No body knows exactly what transpired next…..
But few hours later, all pandemonium breaks out. Houses and shops are torched, 3 dead and over 40 injured. The riot police and army are called in,
But the damage is already done. Lives lost, homes and business places destroyed and the once peaceful town that all lived harmoniously is buzzing with tension.

And it all started with two guys….

The tension has even spread to Colombo, a busy city that does not have time to stop for a second to think of rasicm.

We are a country that just came out of a 30 year civil war, we cannot descend to an era of fear and un certainty….

There should not be categories, groups, religious differences such as Budhist, Muslims, Tamils, burghers but only “Sri Lankans”
And I believe that 95% of Sri Lankan’s share my sentiment .





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